what we do


Cubics Productions Inc. is focused on continuing the production of short films, and is open to collaboration with other filmmakers.

With the experienced producers and directors we are high passionate to create any short film and feature film, to make you’re story come true.


Our team specializes in highly valued content that can promote the unique value and culture for small business. Our filmmaking background in the business makes us affordable to the needs of all seeking, high quality promotional work.


We’ve been working for postproduction since 2012. Our attitude and skills have made our company very successful in postproduction work including editing color grading and VFX. We enjoy being apart of the creative and artistic working and helping you succeed.

our featured projects


CUBICS PRODUCTIONS 2014年11月成立于美国纽约,是一家融合中美优质资源的影视广告制作公司,主要从事于电影短片、MV、广告、宣传片、晚会、大型活动等的创意策划、拍摄、后期制作等。由毕业于纽约视觉艺术学院等知名影视学院的专业人士组成充满新锐创意的团队,集国际视野和中国文化于一身,并集结纽约当地无可比拟的优势影视制作资源。自成立以来策划、制作、参与了大量影视、广告作品和大型活动,极具潜力和发展前景。

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